Exercise To Detox Your Lymphatic System

Exercise To Detox Your Lymphatic System

Exercise To Detox Your Lymphatic System:

The main function of our lymphatic system is to cleanse toxins from our body and protect against invaders by carrying waste from our tissue to the bloodstream. It is comparable to a toilet that automatically flushes – it collects all the wastes from the cells in our body so that they don’t accumulate and cause disease. These toxins are filtered through the largest lymphatic tissue, the spleen, which is our main immune system defense. Some conditions associated with dysfunction of the lymphatic system include cellulite, swollen glands, arthritis, lymphedema (swelling of the legs), and other chronic illnesses. Exercise is one of the ways to make sure your system doesn’t get “backed up”. 

How Does Exercise Affect The Lymphatic System?
The Lympathic system has no pumping mechanism, like in our heart, to keep things flowing smoothly. The pressure created from the movement of our muscles keeps fluid flowing smoothly. When your muscles are moving this also helps move and pump the lymph within its vessels. Walking, running, swimming, bike riding, yoga etc, stretching and strength training are great ways to keep the lymph flowing. Exercise and increased activity helps lymph fluid move through the lymphatic system, this helps to reduce lymph-oedema swelling because exercise makes the muscles contract and push lymph through the lymph vessels; encouraging drainage.

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