Parasites Loves The Sugar You Eat

Parasites Loves The Sugar You Eat

Parasites depend on their host for all their nourishment, food and protection. They are unable to make their own food, so they implant themselves into our bodies, feeling right at home and robbing us of energy and well-being. These parasites steal the nutrients we consume to not just feast for themselves but to also lay their eggs and gain more territory within the unassuming host. They also have a free transportation system, parasites can travel to all organs, even to the brain, where the parasites hijack,  create turmoil, dysfunction, and disease in those issues and organs. Our bodily processes and functions are disrupted, our health can decline and conditions may worsen.

Parasites feed of sugar, it’s their number one favourite food. They use sugar as their primary source of energy, and they cannot survive without a steady continuous supply. Parasites are living creatures and use amino acids and fatty acids in the creation of their eggs, but for their energy they always need and use sugar. It’s important to understand that if ‘sugar’ their energy source is removed, they will be unable to reproduce and expand. To successfully achieve this, you need to create an anti-parasite environment and stop their energy source.

 The foods to eat during a parasite cleanse

The most important thing is not to fuel them with sugar. Remove all obvious and hidden sugars from meals, including carbohydrates like bread, cookies, cakes, pasta, rice, sugary fruits like mangoes and grapes etc.  Also avoid these acid forming foods, coffee, meat, dairy and alcohol, parasites thrive in acidic environments. Eat the foods the parasites hate such as clove, cayenne pepper, scotch bonnet pepper, turmeric, ginger, garlic peeled and chopped, wait 15 minutes for it to activate before swallowing, raw pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cucumber seeds, thyme, grapefruit seed extract is anti-biotic and anti-microbial oregano oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-parasitic,  herbs like neem and tudi, green hull black walnut, papaya seeds eaten on an empty stomach, coconut oil has anti-parasitic properties. Remember to thoroughly disinfect produce with a vegetable/fruit wash from the health store before eating, or make you own with lemon juice apple cider vinegar and colloidal sliver solution. Take probiotics to build up your friendly good bacteria which help combat the bad bacteria from the gut. 

Parasites are reluctant to leave

Parasites do not like to be uprooted or kicked out, so for a brief period they can revolt because their comfortable home and sugary environment has been disturbed. Be aware this can bring on cravings, urges and symptoms. Keep to the diligence it will pay off, it l is like cleaning a packed room, everything will look worse when you first start de-cluttering before it starts to get organised and look better. As your body starts to evacuate the parasites your blood sugar levels will stabilise, and you will feel more in control of your food choices.

Parasites can leave behind their eggs, it’s advisable to do a longer parasite cleanse and in regular intervals to get rid of the eggs as well as the bio-toxins which the parasites can leave that produces ammonia and other toxic wastes, which can cause inflammation and increase sensitivities. Boost your lymphatic system with 10 minutes of daily dry skin brushing to help the immune system flush out the bio-toxins. Energy levels and renewed vitality will start to increase once the parasite start leaving your internal dwelling.



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