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ATUNBI: Intensive Detox 1-day Colon Cleanse (2 Capsule Bundle)

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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

ATUNBI is a complete super colon detox that gets rid of old built-up internal waste from the gastrointestinal tract and is a natural way of purifying and resetting your system. 

ATUNBI was designed with the philosophy that your colon should thoroughly be cleansed every couple of months. Poor diet, impacted faeces, alcohol, environmental toxins etc, all contribute to limiting your body’s ability to manage waste and absorb nutrients effectively. This can encourage autointoxication whereby the body poisons itself by maintaining this decaying matter in the colon. No surprise most people agree that they don't feel totally 100%. This places a heavy burden upon the other eliminative organs of the body- kidneys, skin, and lungs. The cardio- vascular system, the nervous system and the liver are all especially prone to this "self-poisoning", and this can contribute to feeling heavy, dull, and slow. 


Why Do A Detox?
The average person is walking around with a build- up of toxins and anywhere from 6-12 pounds or more of undigested food material fermenting in their intestines. Built up waste materials accumulates and begins to putrefy becoming stagnant overtime. This causes the build-up of sticky cemented mucoid plaque, the impacted material builds up in the colon which allows toxins to accumulate and encourages bacteria, undesirable fungi to breed and proliferate. This toxic environment is the perfect home for intestinal parasites to flourish and reproduce.


Key Benefits

  • One day only cleanse
  • Resets your system 
  • A highly effective treatment for internal waste removal
  • Helps constipation and improves bowel health
  • A fantastic way of kickstarting a new healthy living regime
  • Perfect for anyone who has overindulged and wants to get their bowel and colon health back on track and enjoy the sensation of a detoxed renewed body
  • Regulates digestive function
  • Helps weight loss & rejuvenation
  • The formula is a unique blend made from over 40 premium herbs and wild plants by specialist traditional herbalist.


Bundle Options

ATUNBI works best when combined with other vital health supplements, see our recommended wellness bundles containing the ATUNBI.


Dosage Guidelines

  • Use 2 capsules if you are no more than 10-15 pounds over your ideal weight. 
  • Use 3 capsules if you are between 16 to 25 pounds over your ideal weight.
  • Use 4 capsules if you are between 26-40 pounds over your ideal weight.
  • If you are 40-100+ pounds over you ideal weight, please contact us for detailed advice on dosage and best protocol to jumpstart your weight loss journey.


Directions For Use

ATUNBI deeply clears waste and toxins out of the body. You need to be home on the day of the cleanse as it is intensive. 2-3 litres of water is needed to enable the flushing of the system.

Please see our FAQ page for further information on ATUNBI after-care and maintenance.

Further guidelines & directions will be emailed to you after purchase.



Cascara Sagrada, Cardamon Extracts, Senna, Guarana, Acai Berry, Flax Seed, Garcinia, Psyllium, Asunwon Egba, Eso Bara, Ponpola, Asufeyeje, Green Tea Extracts, and 40 other special herbs.


Check out the video below for further information on the ATUNBI Colon Cleanse:


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