Can Detoxing Slow Down The Ageing Process?

Can Detoxing Slow Down The Ageing Process?

Can Detoxing Slow Down The Ageing Process?

We all get older - it is unavoidable. But why does age seem to sit better on some people than it does on others?



The human body was designed to rid itself of toxins, but the toxic load in modern society continues to grow. As we age toxins accumulate in our bodies. Free radicals are a major cause of ageing; the oxidative damage caused has an effect both internally and externally. We are finding our bodies is overwhelmed and overloaded with toxins, every day we are bombarded by free radicals In these modern times we are taking in more toxins than our bodies can possibly remove.



Our environment is filled with dangerous substances that can affect our health and cause cells to prematurely age, including:

  • Xenobiotics: Foreign substances
  • Toxic chemicals: Chemicals in food or the environment that are hazardous to our health
  • Endocrine disruptors: Dietary and environmental chemicals that create an imbalance of hormones
  • Chemical preservatives in processed foods,
  • Pesticides on fresh produce
  • Hormones in meat
  • Mercury in fish,
  • BPA in plastic
  • Phthalates in health and beauty aids. 
  • Heavy metals in the air we breathe 
  • Chemicals in the water we drink 
  • Technology radiation & ultraviolet light 
  • The body’s own metabolic processes

The list continues to expand daily. Many people don’t feel well simply because their total body burden of toxins is high. As the toxic burden increases so does the risk of chronic disease. 



Involves the slowing down of the ageing process. When our body is overburden and toxic, we age faster, the oxidative stress harms and kills healthy cells, inevitably signs of ageing will be appear. However, these excess free radicals and toxins can be 'mopped up' by detoxing periodically and supplying your body with daily antioxidants, reducing oxidation and therefore reducing the signs of ageing and keeping the body cleansed. 


Detoxing is a one of the major contributors to anti-ageing, a great aid in the elimination of harmful substances and free radicals that is slowing and causing ageing to our body systems.  A detox program focuses on supporting the biochemical pathways that can help remove toxins.  We recommend a detox that involves colon, liver, kidney and blood cleansing (whole body systemic detox). A good detox every 2-3 months also refreshes the body and mind for improved health and wellness.



Working on the basis that beauty comes from within, providing your body with the correct nutrients such as Selenium, Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin C and  Co enzyme Q10 can have an amazing effect on making you look more youthful, by rehydrating, repairing damaged tissue and removing free radicals, which all help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the external.

Dietary changes and nutritional supplements are important aftercare and on-going support for your body. Foods to eat includes organic natural fresh fruit & vegetables, lemon/lime juice and plenty of clean natural spring water Avoid processed foods, refined sugars and fast foods. Once the body has been detoxified, many people find that they feel so much better, their skin is smoother in appearance and texture, they have more energy, they feel more vibrant and radiant, bloating is reduced, and a flatter stomach achieved. It is also easier to maintain improved eating habits once the body is detoxed, it’s like hitting a reset button.

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